ldánach Ildírech

A Festschrift for Proinsias Mac Cana

John Carey (Editor); John T. Koch (Editor); Pierre-Yves Lambert (Editor)


ISBN: 9781891271014
Cyhoeddwr: Celtic Studies Publications
Cyfaint: 4
Blwyddyn Cyhoeddi: 1999
Amrwym: Clawr Caled
Iaith: Sais
Tudalennau: 312
An exploration of the links between the languages, cultures and traditions of the Celtic peoples of Ireland and Britain through an analysis of literary sources, place or people names and the Gaelic language. Twenty-six English, Gaelic or French essays, include extracts from Celtic texts, accompanied by detailed commentaries, and comparisons between these three main areas of influence.

It is especially appropriate for a volume of essays in honour of Professor Proinsias Mac Cana whose scholarly interests and influential writings in a variety of languages cover an exceptionally wide range of centrally important aspects of Celtic languages, literatures and cultures. The volume contains contributions not only in English (6), but also in French (4), German (1), Irish (4) and Welsh (1). (Séamus Mac Mathúna, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 55 (2006), p. 231)